mahonebayWe are the little town named for the Mahone Bay and its 365 islands, whose sparkling waters offer a unique setting for some world-class sailing and boating. People from all over the world are drawn to our area for just this reason, but there is much more to Mahone Bay!

Yard Waste Clean Up

Hey, Dorian! You made a mess of our yards!

If you, like so many of us, have extra yard waste including branches and limbs that need to be cleared away after the destruction of Dorian, please note that you can put limbs out for collection on green week, not just your cart.

How many?

You can put as many as six (6) bags or bundles out for collection - that means that if you only have one bag of garbage or landfill, you can still put your green cart and four more bags or bundles of yard waste. 

Preparation of Yard Waste

Branches and limbs may be placed curbside if they are tied in manageable bundles as long as no individual piece is longer than 900mm (aprox 3 feet) and no individual piece is greater than 50mm (aprox 2 inches) in diameter. 

Yard waste may be placed in the green cart as long as the cover of the green cart is completely closed.

Leaf and yard waste may also be placed curbside in paper or clear bags... but we strongly urge you to use paper bags please.

For information on taking yard waste to the waste site in Whynott's Settlement, please call them directly at 902-543-2991.