Roads and Streets


The Town of Mahone Bay owns and maintains approximately 17 km of public streets and 6.8 km of sidewalks. The Operations Department is responsible for various types of maintenance on public streets and
sidewalks. These may include paving, asphalt patching, line painting, litter abatement, street sweeping, vegetation control, sidewalk repairs, driveway entrance culverts, snow plowing, road salting, etc.

Driveway Entrances

Please see below which details Town policies concerning driveway entrances:                                                         

 Installlation of a Driveway Entrance Policy

Snow and Ice Control

Snow and ice control measures (i.e. snow plowing, salting and/or sanding of streets, sidewalks, parking lots and other facilities) will take place when winter weather has caused conditions to become hazardous.

Due to limited human, financial and equipment resources, it is not possible to implement snow and ice control measures concurrently. For this reason a policy on the priority and sequence of snow and ice control measures is required. Notwithstanding, it shall be the responsibility of the Director of Operations to manage all human and equipment resources to achieve the greatest level of efficiency
and cost effectiveness in the delivery of snow and ice control measures.

  Town of Mahone Bay Policy Statement – Snow and Ice Control Policy

Winter Parking on Streets

Vehicles left parked on streets during times when snow plowing is occurring creates difficult and dangerous situations. Parked vehicles act as barriers which do not permit for the effective plowing of snow from the street, as well, even though snowplow operators drive with care, they may not see your vehicle during white-out conditions and a collision may occur.

Parking in a manner which may interfere with or obstruct snow removal or winter maintenance operations is a violation under Section 139 of the NS Motor Vehicle Act.

Inappropriate winter parking on streets could result in a fine, a towed vehicle or a damaged vehicle.