History of Town Hall

historical and modern Town Hall images

The front tower of Town Hall  is not original but was added shortly before 1907 and the balconies have since been removed. The right image was taken in 2009. Historic image courtesy of History Collection, Nova Scotia Museum

The building now used as Town Hall was built in 1848. It had a long history as a hotel before its purchase in 1934 for use as the town hall. The town was incorporated in 1919. The building has been known over the years as Frail's Hotel, J.B.Millett's Hotel, Laurie House and the Aberdeen Hotel.

Originally, the building was neo-classical style with central doors flanked by evenly spaced windows, two symetrically placed chimneys, and a steeply pitched roofline.  Later alterations include additions to the rear of the building, removal of the chimneys, construction of a central front tower, and replacement of the lower front two-over-two sash windows with picture windows.