Community Centre

community centreThe Mahone Bay Centre located on School Street in the heart of the town, it is home to many recreational, social and cultural activities. Its motto is "Building at the heart of the community."

About the Community Centre

Built in 1914 as The Mahone Bay Academy, this wooden structure is an example of the progessive educational ideology of the time. It was builit with particular attention to the indoor environment providing ample light and space in contrast to the cramped school houses of an earlier era. The Academy also represented a belief that education brings social progress and a conviction that consolidation of schools was the way to broaden opportunities for young people.

The Academy served the town and surrounding area until 2000, when the new Bayview Community School was built. The building was sold for $1.00 in 2001 to the Mahone Bay Centre Society, a non-profit group which has preserved the building for community use.

For more information visit Mahone Bay Centre.