Bayview Mapping Project

Section map of Bayview CemeterySection map of Bayview Cemetery

The historical significance of Bayview Cemetery has long been a source of pride for those in Mahone Bay and the surrounding area as well as those whose research has led them to Mahone Bay. The process of cataloguing the information in the cemetery began in 2016 as volunteers began the process of capturing information about stone placement and details.

Bayview MahoneBay NSVolunteers cataloguing stones

The cemetery property was divided into six zones, A-F. Stones were then numbered within each zone. This letter and number combination created a unique identifier for each stone. Volunteers then recorded the information and inscriptions on each of the 616 stones.

GIS ImageGPS equipment and software

Once the placement and information had been recorded, a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Specialist mapped each stone using a specialized handheld device to locate the stones with precise GPS data points. The GPS data was combined with the photographs and stone information gathered by the volunteers to create the web map.

The result is a searchable online map that is accessible to researchers around the world.