The Economic prosperity stimulated a progression of architectural styles. In the earliest days of settlement, homes were very basic one-and-one-half storey cottages. By the early 1800's, with influences from Europe and New England, the basic cottage was given higher ceilings, bigger windows and more ornate moldings and trim. Houses became larger and more grand. Gothic Revival peaked gables appeared. The Lunenburg House style with its characteristic overhanging Scottish dormer creating a Lunenburg "bump" became popular as did Italianate curved windows. Other popular architectural styles to be found in Mahone Bay include Victorian Eclectic and Four-Square.

Click here to view registered heritage properties in Mahone Bay. A property owner can request to have a property registered as a heritage property. The Town's Heritage Advisory Committee would then review the heritage qualities of the property. The committee would then make a recommendation to Council which makes the final decison whether to register the property