2017 Road Reconstruction Pleasant Street And Clairmont Street

August 8, 2017

The Road Reconstruction project is well underway and the contractors are moving efficiently up Pleasant Street. A second team is now preparing to start work on Clairmont Street.

Starting on August 14th, digging will begin on Clairmont Street. After one or two localized digs to work on underground valves, construction will begin at the intersection of Main Street and Clairmont Street.

Wednesday, August 16th    -        Thursday, August 17th
9pm - 6am
Overnight work at the intersection of Clairmont Street and Main Street

This work will require that traffic be rerouted to avoid the intersection of Clairmont Street and Main Street.

Phase I – Pleasant Street

Work on Pleasant Street has been progressing well. Underground work is completed to Fairmont Street. As contractors finish the work underground, they have been rebuilding a temporary gravel road bed. Pleasant Street residents have been very patient and we are happy to say that drivers have been avoiding the construction site when possible. We expect that by the middle of September the underground work will be completed the full length of Pleasant Street and then contractors will move back to the Main Street end of Pleasant Street to begin their work on sidewalks and preparing the road bed for paving. Paving is expected to take place at the end of October.

Phase II – Clairmont Street

Temporary water service connections have been made for affected customers and digging is expected to start soon, slightly earlier than scheduled. Work will begin on the Main Street end of Clairmont Street and continue to the intersection of Kinburn Road and Hawthorn Road. Severe traffic disruption is expected on Clairmont Street until the middle of November.

Please remember that all timelines are dependent on conditions, weather, etc.

Life in a Construction Zone

These projects involve a lot of work and a lot of disruption, and we have been very fortunate with the patience of our residents and businesses. We are pleased to see that people are considering increased traffic congestion and are parking off the street, sharing parking and a lot of other little things that make a big difference.

There are some questions that come up, and we encourage everyone to call Town Hall when they do have questions. If we don’t have the answer right away, we will do our best to get an answer to you as quickly as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my garbage when the road is blocked in front of my house?

Please put your garbage out as you normally would, and please remember to have your garbage curbside by 8am. Town staff and Dexters Construction staff have been working closely with the drivers that pick up our garbage. For those houses that are inaccessible by the garbage truck, contractors have been taking the garbage out to an accessible point.

What happens to the lawn in front of my house that is messed up because of the road work?

Most of the digging that is happening is in the street right-of-way, but in some cases, there are gardens that are close to that street right of way and Town staff have made every effort to notify those homeowners so that plants can be moved and/or protected. At the end of the project the contractors will be repairing landscaping so that there are not large patches of mud along the path of the road work.

What happens when the road work is in front of my house?

The contractors speak to property owners as work moves forward. Property owners are advised if their driveway will be blocked and given an opportunity to move their vehicles and whatever else needs to be done to minimize inconvenience.

Town Hall staff have stayed in close communication with emergency service providers with updates of where the road is blocked, affected fire hydrants, etc.

Please watch for updates on the project. We will send out notices in the mail when updates are available, and questions can always be directed to Town Hall at 902-624-8327 or by email at .


June 19, 2017

Starting on the week of June 12, 2017, Dexter Construction will be preparing to begin the water/waste water upgrades and street reconstruction on Pleasant Street and Clairmont Street. This project will be underway until the end of 2017 and it will involve substantial parking inconvenience and traffic disruption.

Contractors are in the process of installing temporary water supply to affected residences on Pleasant Street and Clairmont Street. Temporary water service will be established to ensure the best service possible during the course of this project. Affected water utility customers will be contacted individually.

Phase I – Pleasant Street

The first phase of road work will be on Pleasant Street. All timelines are dependent on conditions, weather, etc, but we anticipate street disruption on Pleasant Street to begin during the last week of June.  We anticipate severe traffic disruption on Pleasant Street from June until the end of October.

Phase II – Clairmont Street

Temporary water service will be connected for affected Clairmont Street residents in August, but road work is not expected to begin on Clairmont until the latter part of August. At that point, severe traffic disruption is anticipated until the middle of November.

Please note that all timelines are subject to change.

image1Throughout the course of this project, we anticipate sections of roads to be closed to all but local traffic. Roads will be closed with road crew stationed at barricades. Every effort will be made to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible.

image2We anticipate temporary service interruptions and periods of discoloured water for some water utility customers during the course of this project; affected customers will be given as much notices as possible in advance of interruptions and interruptions will be kept to a minimum.

image3Residents are asked to continue to place their solid waste curbside for collection as usual; if special arrangements for solid waste collection are required, affected residents will be notified what to expect.

We encourage residents to avoid construction areas as much as possible and consider the limited parking throughout Mahone Bay when making plans in town.

We will do our best to communicate information that we have about timelines and traffic disruption. Please watch our website at, email or call Town Hall at 902-624-8327 if you have questions. We all look forward to the improvements at the end of this project and we ask your patience as this much needed work on our streets, watermains and sewer lines is completed.

So, what is this construction project?

The Town of Mahone Bay was able to receive funding to update our water/wastewater infrastructure and separate wastewater and storm water, including road reconstruction for Pleasant and Clairmont Streets. This funding is a wonderful opportunity ... but it will be an inconvenience.

This is what is happening:

Replacement of water mains and sewer mains on Pleasant Street and Clairmont Street.

This is why most residents of Pleasant Street and Clairmont Streets will be connected to temporary water service. While the construction project is underway, using a temporary water service will limit the disruption to water customers as much as possible.  Replacing cast iron water pipes with pvc pipes should also improve water quality.

Storm water separation on Pleasant Street and Clairmont Street.

Separating storm water from the sewer lines reduces the volume of water that needs to be treated or processed at our wastewater treatment plant.

Replaced pavement on Pleasant Street and Clairmont Street.

The current work on water, sewer and storm water will lead to a lot of disruption, but it will also leave us with two improved and newly paved streets.

New sidewalk on Pleasant Street from Main Street to Fauxburg Road.

When Pleasant Street is reconstructed it will include a new sidewalk that will run the entire length of Pleasant Street.

Please watch for updates on the project. We will send out notices in the mail when updates are available, and questions can always be directed to Town Hall at 902-624-8327 or by email at .